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About us


Inspired by Nature, Made with Nature

Woodey is a California based company that specialises in producing wooden sunglasses. We have a simple mission to educate others about nature and inspire you to take a slight step toward sustainability and zero waste movement. We want to be a daily reminder that our planet is a gift for humanity and that we can create unique products without polluting our planet.

Committed to the Environment

We started with an idea of changing the world for the better. We strive to achieve a zero-waste sustainable lifestyle, through our all-natural handcrafted sunglasses. We believe that everyone can make a positive impact and even minor changes can make an enormous difference.
Woodey's commitment to sustainability is clear throughout all our pairs of sunglasses and is part of the brand’s mission to being a responsible, transparent, and modern company.

Handcrafting Woodey sunglasses.
Craftsman in process of handcrafting Woodey sunglasses.

Designed to Last

Our wooden sunglasses are durable and made of eco-friendly materials that are a better alternative to plastic. All our sunglasses have a Triacetate Cellulose (TAC) lens which provides crisp visuals and protects you from UVA/UVB rays and eliminates glare. We also designed special spring hinges for better comfort and used only lightweight materials to maximize your comfort.
We believe simplicity, quality, and artisanship are fundamental principles of a better living. Each handcrafted sunglasses carry a story and uniqueness that gives meaning, authenticity, and style to every use.

Reforestation Mission

At Woodey, we’re proud to stand with One Tree Planted together to pay back to nature for the future generations. With each pair of sunglasses purchased from Woodey, we will plant a tree as a representation of your support and participation.
Trees are the lungs of the Earth, they filter the water we drink, and sustain over 80% of the animals that demand forests. Trees absorb harmful CO2 from the atmosphere and are principal ingredients in 25% of all medicines. Woodey is on a mission to plant millions of trees and make a positive impact on the planet. Let’s make this world a better place together!

Woodey on reforestation mission to plant a tree for every order.