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Are you a passionate photographer?

Are you a photographer?

Here at Woodey, we like to team up with like-minded people.
We’re currently looking to collaborate with photographers/videographers who have the same look and feel that we pride ourselves on.
#woodeythrulens photographers/videographers will get to choose 2 of our frames to creatively capture through their lens.
Then we will promote the finished products while giving credits to the author.
The best part about the #woodeythrulens is that the person who shoots gets to keep the eyewear that they chose to capture!
Our only requirement is the author to provide at least 3 finished shots per frame, as for shipping, taxes, or any other fee - it is all on us.
If you know anyone or think you'd be a good candidate for this project,
just shoot an e-mail to:  , contact us via our contact form or
DM us in Instagram https://www.instagram.com/woodeysunglasses/ 
or in Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/woodeysunglasses

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